Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy can be helpful if you’re:

  • looking for strategic solutions to a specific issue
  • avoiding something or taking a long time to make a decision
  • anxious about a particular, upcoming event
  • a reader of self-help books and are looking to apply the knowledge you’ve gained 
  • wondering “Is therapy for me?”
Single Session Therapy is not suitable for:
  • deep-seated issues like trauma or depression, where a longer term of ongoing sessions will be more suitable

Single Session Therapy is actually comprised of 3 sessions - 1 face-to-face session, sandwiched between 2 telephone sessions.

  • 30 minute Telephone Session (Introductory Q&A)
  • 50 minute Face-to-Face Session (1 week after telephone session)
  • 30 minute Telephone Session (Follow-up 2-4 weeks later)
  • Free Initial Telephone Consultation to see if SST is suitable for you
  • £95 for complete Single Session Therapy Programme