Workshops for Players, Coaches & Teams

I have held workshops at theatres, art retreats, schools, football clubs and dance colleges nationwide.

I was an EPL Premiership Youth Development Football Coach at Fulham FC for three years and hold the FA Youth Coach’s Certificate and FA Youth Award Modules 1 & 2, as well as extensive experience coaching and managing teams at semi-professional clubs.

I wish I knew then what I know now!

Check out these 2-hour workshops designed for Players, Coaches and Teams.

Workshops for Players

“The Fear of Failure” - Overcoming Performance Anxiety

What makes players anxious, so they can’t perform at their best? This workshop looks at what anxiety is and what it is doing to the body and the brain. Learning how to handle stress and uncertainty will help overcome the fear of failing, leading to peak performance.

Dealing with Pressure - from Self, Peers, Parents and Coaches

Workshop looking at the pressures to perform that come from all and any angle. How to harness this pressure and use it to your advantage. Helping players to help themselves and each other in their development, so the team can benefit too.

The Secrets of Performing with Confidence

Confidence is all about finding a ‘constant self’, so this workshop looks at how players prepare and practice, their self-image, self-awareness and self-esteem, so they can deal better with managing their adrenalin, overcome stress and inevitable burnout.

CPD Workshops for Coaches

Effective Mentoring for Youth Team Football

This workshop looks at what mentoring is, how to assess where players are at, create a development plan and set goals. It points out the importance of constant reviewing and the ending of the mentoring process.

Working with Footballers with Dyslexia

There is growing evidence that sport is a productive path for many dyslexics. Children who have trouble reading often possess superior visual-spatial understanding. Sport is one area where dyslexics can compete with their classmates on the same level, so as they do well in a sport, the desire to excel grows as they see the benefits to their self-esteem, and subsequently gain the approval of their peers.
This workshop focuses on what dyslexia is, how it affects learning and development, and how coaches can most effectively communicate with young footballers who have dyslexia.
Famous players with dyslexia include Paul Merson, Dennis Bergkamp, Steven Naismith and Sam Allardyce..

“We didn't all grow up like you did”
- The Need for Different Thinking in Coaching

Using methods from Transactional Analysis, this workshop looks at ways in which everyone develops their thinking, feeling and behaviour and how we often work in different and conflicting ways. This highlights the need for new, different thinking in the way we see teams, as well as our work with individuals.


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