Feeling much more able to cope

I was experiencing the signs of depression together with anxiety especially in relation to sporting activities. I was keen not to resort to medication . Trevor's approach enabled me to be clearer in my thinking and more balanced with regard to the possibilities of failure. This involved some examination of the past as well as more recent events. I certainly feel that I have regained much of my earlier resilience.

Tunbridge Wells Sportsman

How Trevor helped me to move forward

I would recommend anyone to go to therapy. No matter is too big or too small. Trevor helped me to address my past to help me to come to terms with my uncertain future. Talking of my upbringing helped me to understand myself more and we looked at examples from my childhood which may have affected my choices and behavioural patterns leading up to now. Trevor has taught me to embrace the present and take a slower, calmer approach to life. He also helped me enhance and re-establish important relationships with my family, friends and partner. I now feel a much lighter person and am able to look towards next year with positivity and excitement. It’s the happiest I’ve felt in a long time and I owe that to Trevor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Relaxed style, great listener

I went in search of "talking therapy" when over a realitively short period of time, I lost all enjoyment in life and was questioning if I could carry on. I had recurring intrusive thoughts and feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. My confidence in social situations evaporated and I became distant from friends and family. My GP recommended psychotherapy and having looked around on line I began to realise that the choice of therapist was very important too me. Rather than the NHS eventually choosing someone, I felt the need to start treatment with someone I could relate to straight away. Trevor Gray's website spiel struck a chord and being of the same gender and similar generation I thought he would be someone I could relate to. Within minutes of starting the first session it was clear that this was indeed the case. He is relaxed and intuitive, a great listener and supportive in every way. His help finding insights as to why I had run into mental health problems were invaluable, and he helped me steadily on the road to recovery. A year after starting I am re-born as the positive, confident, outgoing but humble man I used to be. I owe him a great deal and will be forever in his debt.

Marco PW

Highly recommend Trevor Gray Therapy

Life was getting very confusing and i was making potentially detrimental choices. That i could see leading to running what was and is now again an amazing life. I am so glad i made the decision to see Trevor, it wasn’t an easy decision to make and I put it off for a couple of week more than I should have. But after the first meeting I knew I had made the right decision. The sessions were a great help in talking things through but also gave me the ability you start to look at things when the sessions had finished and I am now better equipped to deal with situations. I learnt a lot about myself and am now able to understand more why I am who I am today, it’s not until you talk about your past that you truly understand why you are the way you are today. The best thing for me is that I now have a new way of looking at and dealing with situations so I have learnt a set of skills that will help me going forwards after the therapy.



I wanted help managing dread and tension around performing and recording. Trevor helped me work out where that comes from and we talked about a whole toolkit for managing it, and how to begin to re-define negative experiences that are underpinning the issues I have now. Trevor helps you trace back to their origin the things that are undermining your ability to live well, and helps you lessen their impact. Although I was focussed on my performance issues, the therapy spilled over into all my relationships and gave me new ways of interacting with people so that my relationships are more positive on both sides. I learned that I have been pretty hard on myself and this makes me hard on others, that although I love people, they have not been feeling loved by me, that I'm not a failure (I didn't even realise that I believed I was), that I'm not to blame for all the bad stuff that happened to me (again I didn't realise that I believed I was), and what I can to do to change things. I wish I could have a chat with Trevor every week. After every session I would have a burst of energy and feel light and positive about life, and over the week would put into practice the things we'd talked about. I definitely saw positive changes as a result, and I have definitely felt the benefits even though I've only had four sessions. The process is empowering which for me is the antidote to anxiety and depression. Trevor is lovely. I never felt judged, just cared for and supported, which in itself was therapeutic.

Struggling Singer-Songwriter

Highly recommended

Trevor helped me through a very difficult relationship and period in my life. The therapy helped to develop myself and to have a greater awareness and understanding of how my past and the relationships that I have have made me the person that I am. I feel much more confident and self assured and I would like to thank Trevor for all his help and support.


Helpful to understand the situation better

The sessions helped me understand the situation I was in for other peoples perspective and especially their motivations and power relationships that shaped the dynamic. This was helpful for me as it helped me understand and then process what was gong on in a new way giving some sense of closure and helping me to relate to people going forward.


Trevor combined knowledge and empathy to help me make positive choices

Having had a successful creative career I was confused and somewhat disorientated by the life choices ageing was inevitably throwing in my path. Trevor's patience, understanding and insight are helping me rationalise my thought processes and clarify them into positive action.

Male, 60

Happy daughter restored to her usual self

My teenage daughter saw Trevor for a number of months to help her deal with some quite unusual events in her life related to sports performance. As parents we were too invested in the situation to give her clear guidance or counsel her without our own thoughts and feelings getting in the way. While, of course, Trevor did not tell us the detail of what they discussed in private we were assured - because we could see it as the weeks progressed - that our daughter was in very safe hands. Problems that we had thought may be insurmountable at the beginning soon revealed them to be manageable. The therapy has ended for now and we now have a happy girl, better able to cope with the situation she finds herself in and with a bright future ahead if she chooses to take it. We’d highly recommend Trevor to anyone thinking of taking this step.

Sally B

Rebalancing my life

My work life had taken over and led to a breakdown. Working with Trevor helped me rebalance and establish what was important to me. We worked through why these events had happened and this has given me the confidence to prevent it happening again. I would have no hesitation in recommending Trevor.


Trevor worked miracles in just weeks, after decades of mental health issues & suicide attempts

If anyone is reading this whilst going through a crisis - my experience is that Trevor Gray can help. I have struggled with mental health issues for nearly two decades. I have used illicit drugs as a way of coping with deep routed issues. Whilst I have always been aware it is not a good path to take, it made me feel better at certain times. However, recently that path got out of control and I developed a dependency. I was completely lost and feeling suicidal. I would also like to add that I have never believed in 'talking therapy'. I was at a dead end and decided to try therapy as a last resort, as my ability to make any good decisions had left me. I choose Trevor via the internet after looking at dozens of therapists. He was literally the only one that looked like he had lived i.e. not a stuffy old professor with letters after his name who had never struggled. Trevor not only made me feel very relaxed through his easy manner, he has completely changed my attitude. In just several sessions, he has made me both; self aware and able to make balanced decisions/understand consequences. I was invited to a big party recently at a country estate. My first question to the host was - Will there be any drugs there? I have never asked that question regarding a party, and to be honest I would have been secretly hoping they were there. Needless to say. I have completely changed and now understand how to keep safe. If my personal account does not persuade you. Go and have a free session like I did.


I have learnt to be more understanding to myself and not be afraid to say no when I am unable to help

Looking back to when I first was recommended to Trevor Gray I now realise how much stronger I have become mentally to cope with my everyday life challenges, and able to support my family with their personal issues. It has been a positive learning journey that has help everyone around me and will continue to help them in the future.

Mrs J Still

A skilled practitioner who leads you to greater self-awareness, with humour and in a safe environment

I went to see Trevor because I had separated from my husband and wanted to make sure that I didn't repeat the mistakes of the past. He provided a safe yet challenging place for me to explore issues and beliefs about family and relationships. The work we did allowed me to subsequently cope with the suicide of my brother and then the death of my father 4 months later and to start a new relationship, which has been challenging, but I was able to be honest and felt able to confront and deal with issues which previously I would have ignored and shied away from. To say that the last year has been radically transformative is an understatement, but the sessions with Trevor were invaluable in enabling me to cope with those challenges and to put everything into perspective.